Side Show Press and I

News that should have been made a long time ago, but I’ve not at all been proactive about this site…and not sure if I will even keep it. But while it is here, I am happy to announce that Side Show Press has bought a novella for me, that is due to see publication as part of their First Cuts series in 2011. The tentative title is Shades of Reality, though that’s subject to change.

What is SoR about? Well, I’ll wait until a synopsis has been written and agreed with the publisher. The root of the story is about a father’s struggle over the life of his young son. The idea for this came about through my own experiences with my daughter, and my hope to get the feelings of fear as a new parent onto paper. Thankfully my experiences were nothing compared to the father in this story…

Whilst not the official announcement, confirmation from the publisher was posted here. To stay abreast with SSP, their website is here.

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Free Story Posted

So, if anyone happens to find this site, I thought I should give something of a reward. Although rewards are generally things to be thankful for, I cannot say this reward is a thing of joy. But dip in, and get your feet wet and see. I posted a flash piece written some time back in the ‘Free Stories’ section of this site:

If you do read it, I’d love to hear your thoughts, good, bad, or otherwise. Sadly, I have not done a lot of writing in the past, so there won’t be a lot more free stuff too soo. [Although there is one I’d like to post, but since it was written based off another authors work, I need to get his permission before doing anythnig with it. Stay tuned.]

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Open for Business

I’ll say welcome, but for now, that’s all I do have to say. In the process of setting this up, but due to a world of other things that need to be done, this will only happen in my all too infrequent spare time.

But eventually (fingers crossed) this will be a place I visit and update. The focus will probably be more on my writing and work in the world of small press publishing…certainly more interesting than the day job. So, stay tuned…

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